What is vitamin B1 (thiamine)?

Vitamin B1 , Also known as Thiamine , Is a water-soluble vitamin with particularly great importance for energy metabolism. More precisely, our body needs it for the Energy generation From carbohydrates. It is also involved in amino acid metabolism and is essential for our Nervous system .

What is vitamin B1 good for?

Vitamin B1 Is involved in various processes in our body. Strong nerves , One Clear head And more Balance Are just a few of the benefits of a sufficient B1 supply. The B vitamin is particularly important for the Central nervous system . So it wears with the Regeneration A decisive role after illness or trauma. Together with vitamin B6, it is therefore used in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. The combination of the two vitamins is said to have a particularly good effect. They influence different Metabolic reactions , Can repair damaged nerve fibers and also work Relieving pain .

According to studies, B1 even became a soothing effect in PMS symptoms Proven.

Deficiency symptoms

An insufficient supply of B1 vitamin can lead to the following Deficiency symptoms Or. Symptoms Lead:

-Loss of appetite

-Sleep problems and fatigue


-Weight Loss

-Muscle Weakness & Pain


-Memory problems

-Failure of the cardiovascular system

-Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or irritability

Foods with vitamin B1

B1 is both in animal and Vegetable Contain foods, so can also be ingested by vegetarians and vegans through their diet.

To the Food That contain vitamin B1 include:

-Sunflower seeds

-Pine nuts


-Whole grain products





Daily requirement of vitamin B1

The daily need for vitamin B1 varies based on age and sex. According to DGE, however, it is on average at 1-1.4 mg per day .

Is it possible to overdose vitamin B1?

It is hardly possible to overdose vitamin B1 through food. Correspondingly are also No cases of overdose Or the appearance of symptoms that would be due to an overdose.

However, if thiamine is injected directly into the blood in high doses, in the worst case it can lead to cramps, headaches or cardiac arrhythmias.

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